Part of this video installation is filmed in the interior of the Sonneveld House (NAi, Rotterdam).

I was fascinated by the colours of the rooms, the intense use of primary colours that covered not only the walls, but the furniture and the fabrics.

The house, decorated following a Modernist colour wheel, allowed me to explore how we have been inhabiting certain systems.
Useful tools like the colour wheel are ways of systematising knowledge.

In the video I embrace the aesthetics of the house, an abstract aesthetic that resonates with traces of a modernist utopian worldview which it once embodied.

In other moments of this video we see pale hands coarsely peal the rind of a lemon; a dissected cucumber forms a star on the metallic kitchen surface and glass fruit gently colliding.

Repetition becomes demonstration, and demonstration becomes obsession. Logic becomes subjective and representation turns to presentation. PF